Kaplan Centre Publications


2001 Dubow, N. Imaging the unimaginable: Holocaust memory in art and architecture: five lectures.
2000 Cohen, S.A. & Shain, M. eds. Israel: Culture, Religion and Society, 1948-1998.
2000 Levite, A. ed. A Yizkor Book to Riteve: A Jewish shtetl in Lithuania. Rev. ed. by D. Porat and R. Stauber.
1998 Shain, Milton. Antisemitism. London: Bowerdean Publishing, distributed by Kaplan Centre.
1997 Belling, Veronica. Bibliography of South African Jewry.
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1994 Dubb, Allie. The Jewish population of South Africa: the 1991 sociodemographic survey.
1991 Mendelsohn, Richard. Sammy Marks: “The Uncrowned King of the Transvaal’ David Philip, in association with Jewish Publications – South Africa.
1987 Sherman, Joseph ed. From a Land Far off.
1984 Friedman, S. & Kagan, N. A guide to Jewish research resources in the Cape Province. 3 v.
1984 Friedman, S. A guide to Jewish research resources in the Cape Province. Addenda to Volumes I II and III. Annual Guest Lectures:
1985 Avineri, S. The historical roots of Israeli democracy.
1984 Gilbert, M. The Holocaust in retrospect: after 40 years.

Kaplan Centre papers:

1989 Susser, B. Israeli democracy: great expectations, growing frustrations.
1988 Aronoff, M. Interpreting Israeli political culture.
1988 Friesel, E. the Balfour Declaration in historical perspective.
1988 Neuberger, Benyamin. Israel’s democracy: how liberal? how stable?
1987 Cogan, M. Jerusalem, the chosen: from history to ideology.
1986 Cohen, S. Zionism and the reconstitution of Jewish political thought.
1984 Gilbert, M. Soviet Jewry in crises.
1984 Gartner, Lloyd P. The great Jewish migration 1881-1914: myths and reality.
1983 Liebman, C.S. Attitudes towards Jewish-Gentile relations in the Jewish traditional and contemporary Israel.

Occasional Papers:

2005 Biale, D. Power and violence.
1998 Messmer, M. Antisemitism in Post-Communist Russia.
1997 Gilmour, G.Early Israelite religion during the period of the judges: new evidence from archaeology.

Inaugural lecture:

1998 Shain, M. Antisemitism and South African Society: the past, the present and the future. University of Cape Town.